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Raudfjord camp – First base camp

The base camp on the Raudfjorden

The first base camp is situated in the northern area of Spitzbergen. The Raudfjorden is the northeast fjord of the island.

We walk for about 200 metres to reach the tents. For half of this distance, we walk on the snow. Right at the beginning we must cross a stream caused by melting ice, walking on a footbridge made by tree trunks.

We carried our bags, food and wood for the fire to the camp. We got to the tents following a path made from stones, to avoid walking into water. We were surrounded by snow.

Raudfjord camp
Raudfjord camp – First base camp

The kitchen tent is not very big. It has cooking stoves on the left and eating tables on the right. The room is fairly chilly since the wind comes through the entrance door.

The men’s toilet is beyond the tents. To get there you need to walk in the snow for about 50 metres. A small hill allows for some privacy, which is pretty limited anyway.

The women’s toilet can be reached directly from the big tent, following a different, longer path. Women get full privacy.

At the beginning of that path, we collected some water (from melted snow) for cooking, drinking and making hot drinks.

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