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23rd July: on the boat to Longyearbyen

After spending half a day on the boat, we were back in Longyearbyen to say our goodbyes and visit the city.

We got to the port at around 11. We loaded our luggage on the cars which were there waiting for us. They were driven by Bjorn and Cecilie.

We went to the guest house to leave our luggage and then we drove with the guides to the town centre.

The sad moment of goodbyes had come. The three guides jumped into the car and the group got divided but would meet once more for dinner.

We walked around the town and visited the Spitzbergen Airship Museum, opened by our Italian guide Stefano in November 2008.

The museum was well organized and interesting. It is exclusively dedicated to the Polar Expeditions of Amudsen and Nobile and it is rich with documents, photos, books, documentaries and memorabilia.

At the end of the visit we returned to the centre to have lunch. We once again dined at the Kroa. Then we went shopping.

We got to the Spitzbergen Travel Hotel where we had booked our dinner.

Once again we came together to reminisce about the fantastic days we spent on Svalbard.

We said our goodbyes. Our flight was at 4 a.m., so we set the alarm clock for 2.30 am, since a bus would collect us to take us to the airport at 3.00 a.m.

I had a shower, packed my luggage and slept for some hours. I then got myself ready for the journey.

On the plane, I fell asleep.

The plane took us away from Svalbard and onward to Oslo. The holiday was over but the good feelings toward this wild place and the taste of this distant and cold land stayed with us.

Every time we will look at the sun, we will think about the summer sun of Svalbard. Every time we will hear the wind, we will think of the beautiful Arctic cold. Every time we will hear a thunder, we will think of the huge ice blocks detaching from the glaciers.

Once you have been there, Svalbard is always a part of you.

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