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Second trekking to Raudfjorden

16th July: expedition on a mountain

Second expedition to the Raudfjorden, to the mountains and the snowy ground under a cloudy sky. We divided ourselves into two groups.

As usual, we started our expedition after breakfast. We departed from the beach. Walking here was sometimes very difficult due to algae which had created gelatinous, watery layers, causing our shoes to get wet.

Sometimes we were forced to cross streams running over the beach to find places where the crossing was easier.

The sky was dark and cloudy and the cold could be felt. A light rain was in the air and snow was everywhere. Even though I had legwarmers, my shoes got soaked.

We got to a huge stone broken into two pieces. It had an oval shape and was divided in its centre. It was 4 metres high and stood out in the landscape like a solitary soldier on the rocky and snowy ground.

This huge stone was made by smaller pebbles which had conglomerated over time due to a process of sedimentation.

Prior to departure the guides divided us into two smaller groups. One group was going to walk on the snowy ground. I chose to go with the other group since my feet were soaking.

We met again at the camp for dinner. The big tent was also used to dry our clothes. Shoes, jackets, gloves, hats and scarves were hung on lines close to the stove whilst shoes were placed nearby on the ground.

The second bear watching shift

My shift for that night went from 3 to 5 am. Also at this time we wore warm garments and drank some hot tea to make our shift more comfortable. We did not see any bears.

After finishing my shift at 5 a.m., I went to the toilet before going to bed. It was then that I was attacked by an Arctic tern, whose eggs were nested nearby. The bird tried to peck me many times on the head and the face but I managed to escape.

I finally reached the toilet but on my way back to the tents the bird tried to peck me again.

I got to the tent cold and tired. I took my clothes off and jumped into the warmth of my sleeping bag. Another day in the Arctic was over and a new one was about to begin.

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