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Antiques and ruins of Svalbard

Everything on the ground is protected: not only the shelters but all the human artifacts and old rubbish dating before 1945. We even found some bullets near to an old shelter.


Helm on a beach in Raudfjorden

Protected rubbish in Raudfjorden

Tomb of the skipper Erik Zakariassen Mattilas in Brucevarden
Anonymous tomb

Anonymous tomb in Raudfjorden
Worsley Beacon

Rests of the beacon of Frank Worsley
Geodetic point

A geodetic point?
Old trap

Old trap towards Kapp Guissez
Cartridge cases

Cartridge cases found near a cabin towards Kapp Guissez
Rest of an ancient oven

Rest of an ancient oven in Magdalenefjord

Cemetery in Magdalenefjord

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