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From Oslo to Longyearbyen

12th July: flight from Oslo to Longyearbyen, Svalbard is getting closer

Leaving Oslo for Longyearbyen, the main settlement of Svalbard. Stop-over in Tromso: we ventured across the Arctic Circle.

We took the flight for Longyearbyen where we landed at around 2.30 p.m. There were many families with small children.

The air conditioning on the flight immediately gave me stomach problems. The airport of Longyearbyen is small, quiet and neat. We collected our luggage and looked for the shuttle to take us to the Spitsbergen Guesthouse, where we stayed.

The shuttle was already there. I asked the driver whether this was the right bus to our guesthouse. The answer was to the affirmative, so we loaded our luggage. The shuttle was packed so we ended up having to stand. The driver asked the people in seats to disembark to buy the ticket. We did the same.

Our guesthouse was a small wooden building where the office and reception area was located. The sleeping quarters were to be found in the neighbouring buildings. This all was in the district of town known as Nybyen on route 100 (vei 100).

We got to our rooms and dropped off our luggage before heading to the town centre, a 20 minute walk. The guesthouse has to be entered barefoot, in accordance with the other public buildings in Longyearbyen, such as museums.

We spent a short time shopping where we bought some postcards and some almonds to eat during the excursions. After this we visited the mine. On our way back, we stopped to eat at the Kroa, a typical rustic pub with a warm atmosphere and good food and drinks.

I ordered a chicken sandwich with tea to calm my stomach down. After eating and drinking, we paid and headed back to the guesthouse.

Our first day in Longyearbyen was almost over. The sun, which never sets, woke me 5 times during that night.

The second day of my journey was over. The following day we finally met the guide and started our expedition.

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