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Svalbard 2009 – Polar expedition to the Arctic

Trekking and camping in Svalbard

Svalbard 2009 is a website about my travel to the Svalbard islands, an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean between 74° and 81° N.

The website is divided into different sections, ranging from trekking and life at base camps through to a description of the animals, towns and of the daily activities in the area, illustrated with over 200 pictures.

Polar expedition to the Svalbard islands

A journey to the Svalbard archipelago is an expedition to the Arctic. This involves travelling by boat and stopping at base camps for several days.

  • Trekking in Arctic: this section is about trekking and provides information about base camps, trips, equipment,together with advice and thoughts about the journey.
  • Animals on Svalbard:these pages are about the animals we saw during the journey, such as polar bears, reindeers, Arctic terns and seals.
  • Visited towns: this section is dedicated to the three towns we visited – Longyearbyen, Barentsburg and Ny-Ålesund.
  • Travel Journal: a dairy about our days on Svalbard.

Pictures of Svalbard

Here you can view 230 pictures taken during the journey. Images are divided by theme.

  • Pictures of Arctic landscapes: photos of glaciers, of the Arctic Ocean, of the mountains and human artefacts.
  • Arctic trekking pictures:photos taken during our trips.
  • Base camps pictures: photos about our life at the two base camps.
  • Pictures of the animals on Svalbard: images of the animals we encountered.
  • Pictures of Svalbard towns: photos of the the three town we visited.
  • Pictures of artefacts and historical remains: images of the life in the history of Svalbard.

Latest Post From Each Category

  • Svalbard 2009 Updates: The islands of Svalbard - June 10th, 2010
    The Svalbard archipelago does not include Spitsbergen only, the biggest and inhabitated one, but also several other islands. In the web site you can find a list of the principal islands of Svalbard.
  • Latest from Svalbard: Arctic sea ice levels plummet - September 15th, 2011
    An analysis by the University of Bremen has show that extreme melting has pushed arctic sea ice levels to the lowest it has ever been in recorded history - and things could get worse. The record of 4...