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Arctic trekking pictures

Excursions through the Raudfjorden and the Kongsfjorden

The excursions on Svalbard departed from two base camps. The first camp was in the North, on the Raudfjorden whilst the second base camp was opposite Ny-Ålesund, on the Kongsfjorden.

On the first few excursions there was a lot of snow since we were in the northern part of the archipelago. There was snow at the base camp as well.

We did not see any snow during the excursions leaving from the second base camp. It was just on the highest peaks and, obviously, on the Conway, the glacier we crossed with crampons and pickaxe.

  • First trekking on Svalbard: the first excursions on Svalbard, on the Raudfjorden.
  • Second trekking on Svalbard: the excursions from the second base camp, on the Kongsfjorden.

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