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Third trekking to Kongsfjorden

21th July: excursion to the Conway glacier with crampons

We made an excursion to the Conway glacier and climbed a mountain wall using crampons, ice-picks, a safety harness and ropes.

That morning after breakfast we put on our safety harness. Then the guides gave each of us an ice-pick and a helmet. We tried on our crampons. My shoes were a bit too large and I found it difficult to fix the crampons to them.

Before departing I placed the crampons in my rucksack and attached the ice-pick and the helmet to it. Led by the guides we then started to move eastward to reach the glacier.

We left the beach, which was covered with pieces of ice and started to climb a rocky incline. When we came to a snowy patch, we put on our crampons and helmet.

The guides made the ropes ready for the ascent placing them on the ice. We were then divided into two groups. One by one we traversed the glacier, fixing our safety harness to the rope.

The weather was still good. The sun was shining and the sky was blue apart from some small clouds.

The variation in altitude on the glacier was very small which made walking easier and allowed the crampons to grip better. We easily passed some small crevasses measuring from 2 to a maximum of 6 metres. Occasionally we stopped to enjoy this unique landscape made of semi-frozen lakes, ice pinnacles and small gullies.

Occasionally we needed to walk longer distances to avoid the crevasses which could not be stepped over easily. We walked as far as possible and stopped near to a mountain wall which we attempted to climb, simply to spend some time and have a little fun.

The wall measured about 10 metres. The guides anchored an ice-pick into the ice and fixed the rope to it to prepare the way forward. Whilst the guides finished preparing the ropes, we had lunch.

Each of us then tried to climb with the help of a guide using two ice-picks. This experience was also fun. I found it easy to climb so, I tried alternative ways.

This excursion was the most beautiful of the entire Svalbard experience. My friends all agreed.

After eating we made our way back. We took off the crampons and the helmet and started walking on the rocky terrain to the beach where we proceeded on pieces of ice.

Whilst walking I came to a sofa-shaped piece of ice and I rested there. Who says that the Arctic is uncomfortable?

Once at the camp, we put the equipment away and got ready for dinner.

My shift of bear watching was from 3 to 5 a.m. with Marina. Luckily time passed quickly.

I woke Stuart up since he had to continue the bear watching shift after us and we went to bed for 3 hours. I had every intention to stay in bed until 8.30 a.m.

Another day on Svalbard was over and my mind was filled with the memory of the glacier.

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