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From Rome to Oslo

11th July: flight Rome-Oslo – Start of the Svalbard adventure

Leaving Rome for the Norwegian capital of Oslo. First stop-over to get to Longyearbyen, the main settlement of Svalbard.

The start of the journey was not very good. The rigid suitcase that the tour operator 4winds advised us to take proved to be a very bad choice. I had to walk for 40 minutes carrying a 20 kilogram case to get to the Tuscolana train station. On top of this, I also carried an 8 kilo backpack.

I got to Fiumicino airport where I met Silvia, a friend of Alessandro, who decided to come with me to Svalbard. There are no people at the check-in desk, so everything went smoothly.

The flight was delayed. As soon as we reached Oslo in the early afternoon, we took a shuttle to the Clarion Hotel. We soon realised that the choice of the hotel was also a bad one.

Since we stayed in Oslo for half a day, we obviously wanted to go and see the town. This cost us an additional 50 Euros to go back to the airport, reach the centre and go back to the hotel.

In Oslo we saw the main street, the station and the souvenir shops. This part of the city looks chaotic and full of different people like in Rome. We hardly saw any Norwegians.

We dined at a type of pub, further out of the centre. I ordered an hamburger and a beer. The hamburger was enormous and had to be eaten with a knife and a fork.

The first day was over. The following morning we woke up early for the flight to Longyearbyen, the main settlement of Svalbard.

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