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Pictures of artefacts and historical remains

Images of old and modern shelters, remains and ruins

On Svalbard you can see many signs of the past human presence. The first people to live in this area were whale hunters who built shelter and furnaces to carry out their activities.

For this reason, you can see many shelters, both ancient and modern. Some are perfectly kept whilst some are in ruins.

All of them are anyway protected by the Svalbard Environmental Protection Act which prevents the removal of any human artifact dating before 1945.

Alongside the shelters you can also find the graves of the whale hunters and some objects which proof the existence of a past human community on Svalbard.

Nothing can be removed from this areas. We found some bullets, a rudder and even decades-long rubbish.

  • Shelters and buildings: pictures of modern and ancient shelters found on the island of Spitzbergen.
  • Remains: pictures of the various protected remains.

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