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Pictures of Arctic landscapes

Glaciers, Arctic Sea, landscapes and mountains

On Svalbard you can experience the beauty of breathtaking and unique landscapes. In this environment covered in ice, white is the main colour. Taking pictures of glaciers allows you to immortalize the ongoing evolution of these natural treasures.

The sea we could observe from the boat left us with unique memories: infinite icy spaces inhabited by birds and seals, floating ice blocks and icebergs.

The landscapes of the Svalbard islands gave us an idea of how the Arctic is: cold, quiet, lonely, pure but strong and everlasting.

The mountains (most of which were covered in snow and bare) stretched into the sky. There are no paths and trees but only lichens and flowers.

  • Glaciers: pictures of the different glaciers we saw from the boat and whilst trekking.
  • The Arctic sea: images of the Arctic, floating ice and icebergs.
  • Landscapes: wide views of the beautiful environment of Svalbard.
  • Mountains: the sharp peaks who gave the name to the islands of Spitzbergen.

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