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Pictures of the animals on Svalbard

Polar bear, reindeer, birds and other animals

Taking pictures of animals on Svalbard was not too difficult after all. Animals could be seen in their natural habitat, from the boat, at the base camps and during the excursions through the Arctic.

We were lucky when at the end of the first base camp we saw a Polar bear, coming close to us. Some days after that we saw another bear from the boat.

Reindeer are very common. We saw many of them in Worsleyhamna, Ny-Ålesund, on the Raudfjorden and in Longyearbyen.

We saw many bird species from the boat and at the base camp. The Arctic tern is very common and various types of geese and seagulls can be spotted. We also saw buntings and long-tailed skua.

  • Polar bear: pictures of the Polar bear which came close to our base camp on the Raudfjorden.
  • Reindeer: pictures of reindeer living on the island of Spitzbergen.
  • Birds: images of the different bird species we saw at the camps such as the Arctic terns, seagulls, geese, buntings and skuas.
  • Other animals: pictures of seals, a whale’s blow, and the dog Luna.

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