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Summary of my travel on Svalbard

Half of my travel on Svalbard was spent on the boat MS Expedition which was used for travelling to the places of historical and natural significance. The remaining time was spent at the two base camps from the 11th to the 25th of July.

I flew from Rome to Oslo stopping at Tromso for one night before leaving for Longyearbyen, the main settlement of Svalbard.

After spending half the day visiting the town, we met the Norwegian guides the following morning to start our adventure.

This is a breakdown of our itinerary:

  • 11th July: Flight from Rome to Oslo – Half of the day spent visiting the city.
  • 12th July: From Oslo to Longyearbyen. Half of the day spent visiting the city.
  • 13th July: By boat to Barentsburg.
  • 14th July: Visiting the Magdalenefjord and arrival to the 80th parallel. Arrival at the first base camp.
  • 15th July: First day of trekking from the base camp. Visit to two graves.
  • 16th July: Second day of trekking from the base camp. Excursion to the mountains.
  • 17th July: Excursion with snow-rackets and the last day of trekking. We saw a Polar bear. We left by boat.
  • 18th July: By boat around the Liefdefjord. Visit to Worsleyhamna – 80th parallel.
  • 19th July: Visit to the town of Ny-Ålesund. Arrival at the second base camp. Excursion.
  • 20th July: Excursion to the solitary mountain peak.
  • 21th July: Glacier excursion wearing crampons.
  • 22nd July: Trek along the beach towards Kapp Guissez. Leaving by boat.
  • 23rd July: Back to Longyearbyen. Shopping in town and visit to the museum.
  • 24th July: A day in Oslo.
  • 25th July: Return to Rome.

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