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Cruise to the Svalbard

Navigate in the Arctic ocean

I went to Svalbard for trekking but our group had to use a cruise boat (M/S Expedition) to reach the two base camps. For this reason we lived on the boat for some days following the cruise route. We disembarked at times and we reached the 80th parallel north twice.

Emergency plan

Once onboard, we left our belongings in the cabin and took part in emergency evacuation training.

We then went back to our cabins to put on a life jacket which is stored under the bed. After doing this. we went to a common room where we had to find our group, according to the colour of our band. Soon afterwards we were called on to be given more details and then went on to the life boats where another member of the staff gave us additional information.

Waking up and meals

At 7 am, when you are still in your cabin, a loudspeaker tells you it is time to wake up.

Breakfast is huge. You can choose what to eat from a buffet of different food such as jams, bread, tea or coffee, croissants, cakes, season fruit, juices. If you want you can also have eggs, sliced meats and sauces.

For lunch you get plenty of good food from a buffet.

Dinner is more elegant than lunch and you get a set menu. Lunch is much better.

On the boat

My trip on the boat was ok and I did not feel seasick. You can move on the boat decks to view the Arctic nature and the frozen and icy landscapes. You can go into the command cabin which is warm before returning to the cold decks.

The Thai staff is kind and happy to help you. The cabins are kept unlocked for security reasons and are cleaned every day. Nothing was stolen from my belongings.

The common room and libriary

During your stay on the boat you can enjoy other people’s company in the common room whilst drinking tea or coffee which are free and can be taken at anytime.

A library and a small reading room are available to people who want to read whilst a tiny souvenir shop is there in case you want to buy something.


During a cruise to Svalbard you need to get off the boat a few times. We disembarked in Barentsburg and on the Magdalene Fjorden and then on the route between the first and the second time we stopped at Worsleyhamna and Ny-Alesund.

People who do not love trekking can opt for a cruise to Svalbard which means navigating in the Arctic ocean and stopping somewhere every day.

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