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Liefdefjord and Worsleyhamna

18th July: on the boat through the Liefdefjord, visit to Worsleyhamna and the 80th parallel

We spent all morning onboard, cruising through the Liefdefjord, close to the Monaco glacier. In the afternoon we disembarked to visit Worsleyhamna and in the evening we reached the 80th parallel.

Cruising through the Liefdefjord

Our itinerary was to cruise through the Liefdefjord all morning. The sky was still cloudy. We spent the morning walking on the deck of the boat taking pictures of the Arctic sea and its beauty.

Icebergs and smaller chunks of ice floating on the never-ending frozen water, accompanied by the sound of breaking ice under the boat and the serenity of the Arctic ambience, made cruising through the Arctic sea an extraordinary experience.

Initially there were only a few pieces of ice in the water, which became increasingly large until islands of ice came into view.

Whilst cruising, we saw a whale and some seals, one of which was resting on a piece of ice.

Through the ice we encountered the Antarctic Dream. This was the boat which had taken Marcella to the Antarctic the previous year.

Disembarking in Worsleyhamna

The morning was over. In the afternnoon, after lunch, we disembarked to visit Worsleyhamna.

We took a look at a modern shelter by the sea and then departed for a walk in the Arctic tundra through a vegetation made of moss, lichens and flowers.

On the ground we noticed a type of wooden pole showing two words: Worsley Beacon. These are the remains of the warning buoy erected by Franck Worsley, the Captain of the Endurance, the boat used by Shackleton.

A few steps away from this, we encountered some reindeer looking for food which ran away as soon as they saw us. We also saw the footprints of a bear.

The visit was short and we soon returned aboard the ship. In the evening, we reached the 80th parallel for the second time which we celebrated with the usual toast.

In the night we cruised through the Kingsfjorden.

Another day on Svalbard was over.

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