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First trekking on Svalbard

Excursions during the first base camp

We departed for our daily excursions from the Raudfjord camp, located on the Raudfjorden. Trekking started in the morning and went on untill the late afternoon. During the first camp we came to the Brucevarden, where we walked on the snow with the help of snow rackets and on the beach.

Pile of stones

Pile of stones in Brucevarden

Break during the first excursion
Broken stone

Broken stone
Lunch break

Lunch break during the snow walking
Daniele in the arctic

Immortalized in the arctic landscape
Long snow walking

The long snow walking
Break on the snow

Break on the snow
Snow walking with snow shoes

Break during the snow walking with the snow shoes
Daniele on the beach

Posing on the cape

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