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Pictures of Ny-Ålesund

The research town of Svalbard

Ny-Ålesund is made of different research stations. It is quiet, tidy and very small. Many memorials dedicated to the North Pole expeditions and a museum can be visited here.

View of Ny-Ålesund

View of Ny-Ålesund
Seaport of Ny-Ålesund

The seaport of Ny-Ålesund
Main street in Ny-Ålesund

The main street in Ny-Ålesund
Mining train

The mining train in Ny-Ålesund
Hotel in Ny-Ålesund

Nordpol Hotellet, the hotel in Ny-Ålesund
Cemetery of Ny-Ålesund

The cemetery of Ny-Ålesund
Plaque on the airship's pylon

Plaque dedicated to Amundsen, Ellsworth and Nobile
Airship's pylon

Airship’s pylon in Ny-Ålesund
Monument to the expedition of Amundsen

Monument dedicated to the expedition of Amundsen in 1925
Monument to the dead

Monument to the dead of the expedition in 1928
Monument to Amundsen

Monument dedicated to Roald Amundsen

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