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Pictures of Barentsburg

The Russian mining town of Spitzbergen

Barentsburg is the Russian town, whose life is based on the coal mining company Trust Arktikugol. It is smaller than Longyearbyen and apart from a bar and a cultural centre, does not offer much more.

View of Barentsburg

View of Barentsburg
The seaport of Barentsburg

The seaport of Barentsburg
Bar in Barentsburg

The bar in Barentsburg
Lampposts in Barentsburg

The lampposts in Barentsburg
The cultural centre in Barentsburg

Polar Star, cultural centre in Barentsburg
Church of Barentsburg

Church of Barentsburg
The mine in Barentsburg

The mine in Barentsburg
Postal office inBarentsburg

The postal office in Barentsburg, in the seaport

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