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Pictures of Svalbard towns

Longyearbyen, Barentsburg, Ny-Alesund

Once on Svalbard you can visit some settlements, preferably the most interesting and inhabited.

On a plane from Oslo, you can reach Longyearbyen, the most inhabited settlement of Svalbard. There, you can see a memorial to an unknown miner and some old mines together with two museums.

The Russian mining town of Barentsburg can be reached by boat. Once there, you can take a picture of the port, the main streets and the statue of Lenin. Images of a bar and a cultural club can also be taken.

Ny-Alesund is a research station where we arrived by boat on the way to the second camp. Many are the things worth photographing: from the monuments to the unique landscapes.

  • Longyearbyen: pictures of the main settlement taken during our arrival from Oslo and on our return from camping.
  • Barentsburg: pictures of this Russian settlement taken on our first day on the boat.
  • Ny-Alesund: pictures of this settlement taken during a visit between the first and the second camp.

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