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Foxil tracks in Svalbard

Posted by Polar Bear on 29 May 2010 Add a comment - Latest from Svalbard

About 60 million years ago a pantodont was walking along a Svalbard sea shore. The fossil footprints of this mammal were discovered in 2006, the first discovery of fossil mammal tracks on Spitsbergen. Now these tracks have gotten a formal name: Thulitheripus svalbardii.

It is in a recently published article in Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, former UNIS Ph.D. candidate Charlotta Lüthje, Jesper Milàn (University of Copenhagen), and Jørn Hurum (University of Oslo and adjunct associate professor at UNIS), publish the formal identification of the tracks and name them.

Read the full article by Eva Therese Jenssen Thulitheripus svalbardii.

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