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Spitzbergen – Svalbard by Rolf Stange

Posted by Polar Bear on 22 November 2009 Add a comment - Latest from Svalbard

Book Svalbard-SpitzbergenI’ve bought this book in the Spitzbergen Airship Museum (it was less expensive, there) in Longyearbyen. As you can see in the subtitle, it’s a complete guide to the arctic archipelago of Svalbard islands.

The book talks about nature and history, places and regions and gives you useful and important information about these islands.

The author is Rolf Stange, psysical geographer, who passed 12 years in the archipelago, studying its every feature.

It’s a perfect guide for whoever wants to delve into Svalbard’s topic. A sort of little encyclopedia about this wonderful archipelago.

The book has many colour pictures, about places, animals and plants got throughout Svalbard. An excellent reference book for whoever wants to start a trip to Svalbard and a good source of memories for Svalbard’s veterans.

  • Spitzbergen – Svalbard by Rolf Stange
  • 540 pages
  • First edition: May 2008

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